Audrie Lathrop

List the trips you participated in and leadership roles you held with Alternative Breaks.

ONE Colorado, Denver, CO, Winter 2012.
New Mexico GLBTQ, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Winter 2013
Graphic Designer 2012-2013

What are you doing now?

I’m living in KC and work as a Designer for an agency called Barkley. I’m also a Producer and Social Media Manager for the West 18th St. Fashion Show. I have an orange cat and quite a few house plants.

Do you have a favorite story or memory from your AB tenure?

There isn’t one quintessential story that stands out in my mind, but I can say that AB was an important part of my college experience. I think it was a place where I was *seen* in ways that I might not have been otherwise, and all things in the AB community felt like a very safe space. Though I was a member of the core team, my experience was much more focused on the trips I participated in. At that time, the designer role was pretty separate from the rest of the team’s responsibilities.

How, if at all, has your experience with AB shaped who you are and what you’re doing today?

I think working with the AB team and participating in the types of trips that I did definitely contributed to my overall confidence at the time – travel experience, personal authenticity, and working with groups of diverse individuals that I would not have encountered or had the opportunity to form relationships with otherwise. My design role also functioned very similarly to a traditional freelance designer/client relationship, and that was amazing practice for me professionally.