2019-2020 Coordinator Positions

 Applications are unfortunately closed for Core Members for the 2019-2020 academic year. Check back Spring 2020 for the following year or email kualbreaks@gmail.com to find out how you can get involved now!


  • Initiate and carry out activities

  • Motivate others to become active citizens

  • Lead energetically

  • Work well within groups

  • Communicate effectively

  • Meet deadlines effectively/efficiently

  • Invest additional time in a project as needed


  • Serve office hours (~ 2hrs/week)

  • Participate in all AB related group projects or development workshops

  • Meet with Co-Directors periodically for position updates

  • Attend AB Core meetings (1hr/week)

  • Participate in PRing for all weeklong seasons (this includes tabling, postering, chalking, and class visits)


Weeklong Break Coordinators
Winter Break Coordinators must be available Summer 2019 and Fall 2019.
Spring Break Coordinators must be available Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.
Fall/Summer Break Coordinators must be available Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.

In charge of AB’s largest programs, these Co-Coordinators are responsible for researching and contacting agencies, reviewing evaluations of past trips, and ultimately choosing and arranging the winter, spring, or  fall/summer break sites and topics.  Serving as the initial contact for each break site, they set up each service trip before handing it over to site leaders who take care of the smaller logistics and details.  The Co-Coordinators also recruit, interview, select, and train these site leaders whom they meet with frequently and advise about site issues. Additionally, they help site leaders to organize a mini-break with local agencies in order for participants to learn about local communities and perform more service work before their trip. The Co-Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that students are informed before their trip and that they will internalize the lessons they learn after the trip. Season coordinators usually serve at least 5 hours per week, but during their season can often spend more than 10 hours doing AB work. Season coordinators must be available for Thursday night classes (5:30-7) during their season and will be on-call 24/7 while their breaks run.

Weekend Break Coordinators
Weekend Break Coordinators must be available during Summer 2019, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.
The duties of the Weekend Breaks Co-Coordinators are very similar to those of their Weeklong counterparts, but differ in timetable.  With the goal of serving community needs while both introducing students to volunteerism and providing service opportunities for busy students, Weekend Breaks offers about 20 service trips each semester.  The Co-Coordinators research local agencies, set up the service projects, and recruit participants and organizations. They also share site leader responsibilities during weekend breaks and often must communicate on weekend mornings in the event of weather cancellations or other last-minute issues.  They work throughout the school year to execute these trips and assist Weeklong Coordinators to set-up weekend mini-breaks for participants. In addition to designing these shorter volunteer opportunities, the Co-Coordinators monitor evaluations to improve the program. 

Public Relations Coordinators
Working with all divisions of the program, the PR Coordinators execute advertising and recruiting efforts.  Printing flyers and brochures, setting up ads for the University Daily Kansan, arranging student organization and classroom visits, running information sessions and coordinating tabling efforts in the Union and in front of Wescoe Hall, the PR Coordinators work year-round using a variety of strategies to spread the word about Alternative Breaks programs.  The people in this position are also responsible for drafting press releases and alerting campus and local news agencies about AB volunteer opportunities and the work students did on their breaks. They will also be responsible for creating and maintaining the multiple listservs affiliated with our programs.  PR Coordinators work closely with the Graphic Design Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator to form an effective PR Team.

Finance Coordinator
The Finance Coordinator keeps the books for all programs and individual sites.  This person is preparing financial packets for each break, preparing and presenting at Educational Opportunity Fund and Line Item funding requests, and keeping track of the AB budget.  The Finance Coordinator explains all financial procedures to site leaders and participants, and with their projections helps the Co-Directors set program costs for participants.  This person will work closely with the Fundraising Coordinator and Accounting Coordinator to ensure the financial success of Alternative Breaks.

Accounting Coordinator
The Accounting Coordinator keeps track of individual participant payments and day-to-day financial processes of the organization. This person is responsible for make sure participant payments are settled before our participants are sent on their breaks. This position requires organizations and budgeting skills along with the ability to create and keep track of payment plans for particular participants. This person will work closely with the Finance Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator to ensure the financial success of Alternative Breaks.

Fundraising Coordinator
This AB Core member will work closely with the Co-Directors and with the Finance Coordinator to unearth sources of funding separate from the University.  Given the budgeting crisis in our education systems, Alternative Breaks cannot continue to remain dependent on the University for funding, which makes this position important to our staff. This creative individual will develop fundraising events throughout the school year as well as research and seek out grants and other money-generating opportunities.  The Fundraising Coordinator is also responsible for requesting Coke Products and food donations for any AB function.  In addition, the Fundraising Coordinator will develop and send out an end of the year newsletter/donation request to alumni of the program.  They will also be required to maintain a contact list of all participants.

Graphic Design Coordinator
The graphic designer will create brochures, flyers, posters, bus ads, UDK ads, and Facebook graphics for each season. They will also help publicize special events, guest speakers, or alumni events. They will work most closely with the PR Coordinators and Social Media Coordinator, but can also expect to work with the Fundraising Coordinator for alumni newsletters and outreach. The graphic designer also provides T-shirt designs and oversees the design of our social media pages and kuab.org website.

Research Coordinators
The Research team is integral to the ongoing success of Alternative Breaks. Responsible for conducting safety checks on sites and housing, administering and analyzing evaluations for every program and Thursday night class, maintaining records, cataloging feedback for future reference, and surveying community partners, they provide important insight into the functioning of AB. Currently, the largest job conducted by our Research Coordinators is the continuation and curation of our new database of housing and sites.

Social Media Coordinator
The Social Media Coordinator position is relatively new in our program. This Coordinator will be responsible for all social media accounts under the Alternative Breaks name. They will also be in charge of the social media component of the PR game and the engagement with followers through our pages. The Social Media Coordinator will work closely with the Graphic Design Coordinator and PR Coordinators to make an efficient PR Team.

Education Coordinator
The Education Coordinator must be available Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. They must additionally be available every Thursday night from 5:30 to 7pm during every Alternative Breaks season.
The Education Coordinator is responsible for all educational classes associated with Alternative Breaks throughout all four seasons. This position requires a knowledge of social justice, ethical service, identities and other relevant topics and the creativity to create and engaging and informative curriculum to teach students. The Education Coordinator will teach each class and therefore must be comfortable with large group instruction and public speaking.

Core Turnover and Development Coordinator
The Core Turnover and Development Coordinator facilitates positive group dynamics and continued education for Core Members throughout the year. They will work closely with the Co-Directors to schedule and plan Core meetings and encourage social interactions between Core Members. This Coordinator is also responsible for much of the Core application process and interview process at the end of the academic year.

Communications Coordinator
The Communications Coordinator is a new addition to AB CORE this year. They focus on all aspects of written and oral communication and marketing for Alternative Breaks. A big part of their job will be the creation, management, and execution of a weekly to bi-weekly AB newsletter to be sent out via email. They will also work closely with the Co-Directors and the PR Coordinators to create successful marketing and recruitment campaigns for Alternative Breaks. The Communications Coordinator will be expected to produce professional and well-written emails, and therefore must have strong written communication skills.