AB Participant of the Week: Feb 16

Meet Emily Lenherr!

Year: Junior 

Major: Neurobiology 

We asked Emily to answer some questions for us about why she decided to participate in Alternative Breaks and what she loves most about it. So here are her answers!


Which Alternative Break(s) have you previously participated in?

I participated last year on a trip to CASA in Huntsville, Alabama. This year I went to McHenry, Illinois for Home of the Sparrow.

What is your favorite thing about Alternative Breaks?

I love that Alternative Breaks manages to bring students together in a way that teaches them social and community lessons outside of the four walls of college.

What was your favorite thing you learned from Alternative Breaks? 

Thus far, my favorite thing I’ve learned from Alternative Breaks is a widened knowledge of the great work that people do and strive to achieve with the intent to change the world and their community for the better.

What is your favorite memory from Alternative Breaks?

I have many wonderful memories from Alternative Breaks, but maybe my favorite memory came a year ago when one of the volunteers we worked with at CASA invited the group to eat Southern barbecue with him, we played cards, and we just relaxed. We had the very best of times loving every second of it.

What is a random fact about yourself?

I can play the harmonica pretty well.


If what Emily has said makes you want to serve, learn, and grow with us, you can apply for an Alternative Summer Break on our website http://www.kuab.org/summer-breaks!