AB Participant of the Week: March 23

Meet Harrison Baker!

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology and Human Sexuality

We asked Harrison to answer some questions for us about why he decided to participate in Alternative Breaks and what he loves most about it. So here are his answers!

Which Alternative Break(s) have you previously participated in?

 I participated in the Utah Pride Center alternative break, it was my first break

What is your favorite thing about Alternative Breaks?

I got to learn more about LGBTQ+ issues in other states and what individuals in those states are doing to prevent the passage of discriminatory legislation. Beyond that I was able to expand my knowledge about how cultures are different in different states and how that affects the communities within them.

What was your favorite thing you learned from Alternative Breaks?

I was able to spend time helping a community I feel strongly about. Beyond helping I was able to gain some close friends and spend time with some pretty awesome people on my break.

What is your favorite memory from Alternative Breaks?

One of the last work nights we were there we were “cold-calling” people at their homes attempting to drum up volunteers to help Equality Utah (you should look them up on Facebook and like them!). While we were there we processed over 1300 calls and in the meantime we were able to talk and with each other and we learned a lot about the mission of Equality Utah as well as how 501(c)(3)s work.

What is a random fact about yourself?

I have had an essay published in an anthology of student literature this year.


If what Harrison has said makes you want to serve, learn, and grow with us, check out our Alternative Weekend Breaks on our website http://www.kuab.org/weekend-breaks/