AB Participant of the Week: November 14

Meet Brea Walkley!

Year: Sophomore

Major: Community Health


We asked Brea to answer some questions for us about why she decided to participate in Alternative Breaks and what she loves most about it. So here are her answers.

Which Alternative Break(s) have you previously participated in?
Fall 2016 to The Kingdom House


What is your favorite thing about Alternative Breaks?
Being able to have a hands on volunteer experience and immersing myself in a new atmosphere that allowed me to have an eye opening experience.


What was your favorite thing you learned from Alternative Breaks?
Through the Kingdom House I was able to learn a lot more about how prevalent poverty is in America. It’s something that I take for granted every day and so by going to St. Louis for the Kingdom House, I got a glimpse into how the people who are at or below the poverty line go through day to day tasks.


What is your favorite memory from Alternative Breaks?
On one of the last days my group and I got to do activities with the children while their parents were taking classes that were offered through the Kingdom House. One girl from my group and I decided on the activity to do creative painting where the kids drew a “creature” and had to come up with a story for it, such as who the creature is and how they came to be and what they do. It was a lot of fun to see the kids having fun and the crazy creatures they came up with.

What is a random fact about yourself?
My first concert that I went to was a ZZ Top concert when I was six years old!


If what Brea has said makes you want to serve, learn, and grow with us, check out our Alternative Weekend Breaks on our website http://www.kuab.org/.