AB Participant of the Week: March 7

Meet Colleen Cesaretti

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism—Strategic Communications


We asked Colleen to answer some questions for us about why she decided to participate in Alternative Breaks and what she loves most about it. So here are her answers.

Why did you apply for an Alternative Break and why did you pick the site you did?

I applied for an Alternative Break because I know several people through the service fraternity I am a member of who have participated in breaks before and loved them a lot. I am a senior and have always wanted to go on a break and this year I finally had enough time to do so. I picked the Rebuilding Together site in Lafayette, Louisiana because I love working outside and building things, but I am also very interested in the culture there.

What is your favorite thing about Alternative Breaks?

My favorite thing, so far, about Alternative Breaks is the fact that everyone is so welcoming. It is really fun getting to know the people who are going to my site and I am excited to share this experience with them.

What is your favorite thing you have learned so far?

My favorite thing I have learned so far through the Alternative Break classes is how there are so many different ways to express an idea and expand upon my knowledge of social justice. We participated in the “Hunger Games” activity to demonstrate privilege and I had never participated in a type of activity like that before. Not only did the activity accurately depict groups of people and how they react, but it also showed the reactions being carried out that normally we do not see.  

What is a random fact about yourself?

I have a kitten named Vino that I saved from a barn in Eudora, Kansas.


If what Colleen has said makes you want to serve, learn, and grow with us, check out our Alternative Weekend Breaks on our website http://www.kuab.org/weekend-breaks/