AB Participant of the Week: April 11

Meet Allison Showalter!

Year: Junior

Major: Pre-Nursing


We asked Allison to answer some questions for us about why she decided to participate in Alternative Breaks and what she loves most about it. So here are her answers.

Which Alternative Break(s) have you previously participated in?

Spring Break – Ark Crisis Child Care Center

What is your favorite thing about Alternative Breaks?

The ability to bring together a group of people who may have never met to help a really worthy cause.

What was your favorite thing you learned from Alternative Breaks? 

There’s a big difference between serving someone and saving someone and I think it’s important to be able to differentiate between the two!

What is your favorite memory from Alternative Breaks?

Spending time with the kids at our site and really getting to know them and be someone they looked forward to seeing. I was also on the news, nbd. 

What is a random fact about yourself?

I have a bunny named Lady Daisy Ellsworth!


If what Allison has said makes you want to serve, learn, and grow with us, check out our Alternative Weekend Breaks on our website http://www.kuab.org/weekend-breaks/