Who is your AB staff?


Amanda Schwegler



Assistant Director, Center for Civic and Social Responsibility


john augusto


Director, Center for Civic and Social Responsibility




Elizabeth HAzelwood


Kristen Manion


Elizabeth is a Senior who recently earned her BA in East Asian Languages & Cultures with an emphasis in Mandarin, and is finishing her BS in Microbiology with a minor in Astrobiology. She has been on three Alternative Breaks, and loved each one. Elizabeth currently volunteers with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, and AseraCare Hospice. If all goes according to plan, Elizabeth will one day live in a cave by herself, reading Woolf and Dostoevsky.

Kristen is a Senior studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a Minor in Spanish. Kristen has attended two Alternative Breaks, one to the Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary in Austin, Tx., and one to City of Light in Atlanta, Ga. She is involved in ecology research here at KU, and wants to study pollinator conservation and restoration in grad school. Kristen loves to travel, is a vegetarian, and likes to drink Yerba Maté. 

Weekend Break Co-Coordinaors


Michael Miller


Hailey Waldenmeyer


Michael Miller is a Freshman majoring in Biochemistry. He has attended a Winter Break in New Orleans, Louisiana to help build and refurbish houses. He is also involved with organizations here at KU that volunteer weekly at the Lawrence Community Shelter. Michael has a fear of flying insects but after seeing the documentary More Than Honey, he is set on saving the declining bee population. He is also an avid hiker as he hopes to someday live on a mountain in Colorado and tame a wild bear.

Hailey Waldenmeyer is a senior in the midst of earning a BA in Biology with a minor in Business. She has the intention of applying to PA school in the fall. She routinely attends Alternative Weekend Breaks, including Meals on Wheel, the Neurological Institute of Kansas, and Kaleidoscope. She is the crew captain for the University of Kansas Love Your Melon Organization, which is dedicated to providing comfort to children battling cancer. In addition, she went to Panama her freshman year on a medical mission trip with Global Brigades. While she was abroad during her spring semester of junior year, she went skydiving in the Swiss Alps and now hopes to get her skydiving certification at some point in the future.

Public relations coordinators


tessa ng


Tessa Ng is a Senior majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. She is a teaching assistant for SCM 305 and DSCI 302. Tessa participated in an Alternative Winter Break trip to WINGS and Low Country Orphan Relief in Charleston, SC. A fun fact about Tessa: She has traveled to 14 countries.

Ananda bhatia


Ananda is a Sophomore studying Political Science and Psychology. She participated in an Alternative Break last winter, and is also involved with the Dole Institute of Politics and Honors Ambassadors. Ananda studied abroad in Costa Rica this summer and held (and dropped) a tarantula for the first time.

Public Relations Intern

Ria Singh



Ria Singh is a freshman currently majoring in Human Biology with pre-med emphasis. She hasn't participated in an Alternative Break yet, but she will be volunteering on an Spring Break with Milwaukee Jewish Home! Apart from this, she is also involved with CCO and KU Honors Program.  In the summer, she will be volunteering in Panama as a member  of the Jayhawk Health Initiative. Ria is a vegetarian who is extremely fond of different kinds of cheese. She loves traveling and exploring new cities, cultures, and cuisines. So far, she has had the chance to visit 3 countries, but her wish list is definitely endless!

Winter Break Coordinators


Spencer Morgan


Spencer Morgan is a Sophomore double majoring in Microbiology and Spanish. He is a Resident Assistant for Self Hall and is currently working on a research project that focuses on stingless bees. Spencer has never--and we mean never--passed up an opportunity to feed a giraffe. 

Marissa o'dell


Marissa is a Senior majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Sociology. Last year, Marissa went on Alternative Breaks to the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture and Mission: Wolf. On a good day--given the right temperature and proper acoustics--she is capable of doing a decent hawk call

research coordinators


matthew ong


Matthew is a Senior double majoring in Finance & Accounting, with a minor in Economics. He is very involved in the Business School as a teaching assistant for two classes, as well as a University Honors Ambassador. Matthew has visited more than ten countries, is literate in three languages and can speak several Chinese dialects.

emmaline lorenzo


Emmaline is a Junior studying Chemistry and Mathematics. She has participated in two Alternative Breaks, her favorite being Mission: Wolf. She is the Vice President of Chemistry Club, an Honors Seminar Assistant, a member of the Honors Student Council, and conducts research in the Chemistry department. 




leslie zukrow



Leslie is a Sophomore majoring in Global and International Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies. Raised in Wisconsin, Leslie is a lover of cheese. Leslie became involved with Alternative Breaks after participating in a break last spring with City of Light in Atlanta, GA. This summer, Leslie is both terrified and ecstatic to be spending three months building trails and backpacking around Colorado and the Southwest. A fun fact about Leslie is that she is obsessed with doughnuts. She has doughnut towels, blankets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, socks, car freshener, piggy bank, and will eat one any chance she gets!

amy ruiz


Amy is a Junior majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Anthropology, and a focus in pre-medicine. She became involved with Alternative Breaks after participating in a break last fall. Amy is on the Entertainment Committee with KU Dance Marathon, and volunteers at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital. as well as Habitat for Humanity. She loves Jesus, flowers, traveling, and of course helping others. This summer Amy is participating in a medical internship in Madrid, Spain, where she is shadowing doctors, sightseeing, eating, and feeling blessed for this unique opportunity.


fundraising coordinators



liran ziegelman



Liran is a Senior studying behavioral neuroscience with minors in social & behavioral sciences and anthropology. She has been on an alternative spring break, works as a tutor for the AAAC, and is involved in research within the Joe Donnelly lab. Liran is currently working to establish the KU chapter of Nu Rho Psi.

ashwini kamat


Ashwini Kamat is a Junior double majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and Spanish. She participated in an Alternative Spring Break this past year and enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to join AB Core. In her free time, Ashwini enjoys playing the piano, volunteering in the community, and watching whatever is on television.



altfallbreaks@gmail.com / altsummerbreaks@gmail.com

mcKenzie sigle


McKenna Brown.jpg

kaleigh thomas


McKenzie is a Junior majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Linguistics. She has participated in an Alternative Spring Break and is involved on campus through Alpha Delta Pi, KU Hillel and working as a Student Ambassador. McKenzie loves traveling around the world and collects children’s picture books from each country she visits.

Kaleigh is a Junior majoring in Strategic Communication and Psychology with a minor in French. She is a member of the Journalism School Leadership Board, the Journalism School Ambassador Program, and the University Honors Program. Kaleigh works with the Office of First Year Experience as a Peer Mentor and admits to having an unhealthy obsession with giraffes.

finance Coordinator


lillian seib


Elizabeth Hazelwood.jpg

Lillian is a Senior majoring in Supply Chain Management and Business Administration. Last winter, Lillian went on an Alternative Break to Washington D.C. with Food and Friends. In the past she has been involved with the scholarship halls, and has served as the Treasurer at Sellards Scholarship Hall for two years. She also studied abroad in Germany for a semester in 2015, and loves the Rhineland area. Some of Lillian’s favorite TV shows are Parks & Recreation, The Office, and New Girl.

accounting COORDINATOr


mattie bieberly


Mattie is a Junior double majoring in History and Political Science. She participated in an Alternative Break with Food and Friends in Washington D.C. Mattie speaks Arabic and hopes one day to work for the CIA. She is also involved with a variety of campus organizations-- but those are top secret!


graphic design coordinator


Hannah rupprecht


Hannah is a Senior majoring in Architecture with a minor in Business. She has worked as Resident Assistant for three years and is a member of the community service sorority Omega Phi Alpha, as well as Alpha Sigma Kappa, a sorority for women in STEM. Her favorite Alternative Break was working with St. Bernard Project in New Orleans, helping families rebuild homes after hurricane Katrina. Hannah loves dogs, the Olympics, and the color grey