Weekend Breaks are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays in, and around, the Lawrence area. They typically last anywhere from 2-5 hours.

Everyone who applies for a Weekend Break is automatically accepted. You will receive a confirmation email after applying, as well as a reminder email on the Monday before your break.

Volunteers will meet at the Lied Center and your group will carpool together, so if you are able to bring your car, please do!

Below we have listed all of the Spring 2018 Weekend Breaks and some information about each site. If you have any questions, contact kuweekendbreaks@gmail.com and make sure to sign up for one by clicking the link at the top of the page! 

February 11th, Hidden Valley, 12:45-4pm
February 17th, Kaleidoscope, 11-4:30pm
February 24th, Hidden Valley, 12:45-4pm
February 25th, Kansas Neurological Institute, 2:30-5pm
March 3rd, MedLife & Alt Breaks Pad Workshop, 1pm-5pm
March 3rd, Harvesters, 12:15-3:30pm
March 10th, Kaleidoscope, 11-4:30pm
March 10th, Prairie Paws, 8:15-1pm
March 11th, Hidden Valley, 12:45-4pm
March 31st, KU Audio Reader, 10-1pm
March 31st, Maggie's Farm, 8:45-12pm
April 7th, Harvesters, 12:15-4pm
April 7th, Kaleidoscope, 11-4:30pm
April 8th, Hidden Valley, 12:45-4pm
April 21st, KU Audio Reader, 10-1pm
April 21st, Maggie's Farm, 8:45-12pm
April 22nd, Kansas Neurological Institute, 2:30pm-5pm
April 28th, KU Audio Reader, 10-1pm
April 28th, Maggie's Farm, 8:45-12pm
April 29th, Hidden Valley, 12:45-4pm

Maggie's Farm is a local, certified organic farm. Volunteers will be planting some early Spring crops such as leeks, and attending to the asparagus beds. Come interact with our friendly sheep and goats!

Where: Lawrence, KS

Since 1979, Harvesters food bank has collected and distributed food and household products to individuals in our community. With the help of volunteers, Harvesters distributes more than three million pounds of donated supplies every month. Volunteers will help in the Volunteer Outreach Center to sort and pack donated items for distribution.

Where: Topeka, KS

Kaleidoscope is a free, creative workspace for children and their families to produce works of art from leftover Hallmark manufacturing supplies. At Kaleidoscope, the creative spirit is nourished, and children and adults alike are encouraged to have fun and feel great about their ideas.
 Where: Kansas City

The Hidden Valley Camp is a privately owned wilderness area that was purchased for Girl Scout use in 1965, but serves the greater Lawrence area by promoting appreciation and utilization of wildspace. The camp features a cabin, shelters, trails, meadows, Dogwood Forests, wetlands, and an archery zone. Volunteers will work with wood cutting, bush burning, wetland maintenance, building of a footbridge, and many other activities. Hidden Valley asks that visitors please bring a spirit of adventure and curiosity!

Where: Lawrence, KS

Audio Reader provides 24 hour radio service for local blind, visually-impaired, and reading-disabled individuals. Volunteers will help tend to the Sensory Garden- a unique garden that boasts plants with interesting textures and smells, and chirping birds and twinkling windchimes to delight the senses.

Where: Lawrence, KS

Ozanam provides services for individuals with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities. Each day, 200 individuals aged 12-18 directly benefit from Ozanam programs. Volunteers will help with gardening, the greenhouse, and general landscaping. *Ozanam is HIPPA compliant and asks that pictures or video not be taken of youth on campus.

Where: Kansas City, KS

prairie paws FINAL logo.jpg

Prairie Paws serves as a non-profit shelter for animals of all kinds. This organization strives to provide loving and safe homes for animals and has been doing so for over 70 years. In addition to providing adoption and reuniting services, Prairie Paws also educates local communities about responsible animal ownership

Where: Ottawa, KS