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Focus: Hope
Detroit, MI


Focus: HOPE’s community development and community arts programs have improved the quality of life for residents in its surrounding neighborhood since the mid 1990’s. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with their food program, in a food center that distributes food to low-income families and seniors, work in the warehouse, packing donated food on assembly line, deliver food to home-bound seniors, volunteer in the Center for Children (a daycare center outside their campus), and tutor students in job training programs. Focus: HOPE aims to make life better for those in Detroit and overcome racism, poverty and injustice.


Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge
Eureka Springs, AR

Animal Conservation

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit rescue facility in Eureka Springs, AR. Turpentine aims to provide lifetime refuge for abandoned, abused, and neglected big cats with an emphasis on tigers, lions, leopards, and cougars. They house over 100 animals that need a lifelong home at 459-acre refuge. There are many projects which need to be done at the facility. There is no contact with the animals – but possibly working around them. The work done at Turpentine can include any of the following: painting, clearing existing enclosures, maintenance, and construction projects.


Denver Rescue Mission
Denver, CO

Poverty, Homelessness, Addiction

The Denver Rescue Mission focuses on poverty, homelessness, and addiction. During their visit volunteers will visit facilities in the Denver area: Lawrence Street Community Center – serving the homeless population; the Crossing – serving families in transition and our New Life Program participants; and our Ministry Outreach Center - which is the warehouse where food, clothing, furniture, and car donations are received. Volunteers at the above mentioned facilities will be serving meals, preparing food for meals, sorting and organizing food donations; as well as sorting and organizing clothing donations. You will be given the opportunity to eat a meal with the very people you are serving! You will hear talks about addiction and poverty and how we address it at the Denver Rescue Mission and you will have in-depth discussions about homelessness and poverty.


Hope House
Memphis, TN

Poverty, HIV/AIDS

Hope House is a comprehensive social services organization providing not only early childhood education to students five days a week but also offering programs such as play therapy, life skills classes, individual counseling and housing assistance. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is affecting Memphis at a devastating pace, and Hope House charges itself with the task to alleviate the pressures that normally accompany the condition. Oftentimes, those affected by HIV/AIDS also experience poverty, substance abuse and lack of education. But, through its comprehensive social services model, Hope House is equipped to effectively tackle each issues one by one. Volunteers will be doing a variety of tasks such as play therapy with children impacted with HIV/AIDS, parent training, individual counseling, support groups, emergency relief, and much more.

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Mission: Wolf
Westcliffe, CO


Mission: Wolf is a non-profit educational wolf sanctuary in the remote Colorado mountains. They focus on sustainability, operate on solar power, and build with recycled materials. Volunteers will be working with the organization while camping in the mountains in Colorado. As a remote, sustainable village, they require all kinds of work to keep their facilities running. Tasks can vary wildly, depending on the day and on your level of skill: gardening, weeding, watering plants, maintaining paths, splitting and distributing firewood, processing meat for the wolves, repairing fence, patching water tubs — the list goes on!

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Bread for the City
Washington, D.C.


The mission of Bread for the City is to help Washington, DC residents living with low income to develop their power to determine the future of their own communities. Bread for the City seeks to provide food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty. The organization seeks justice through community organizing and public advocacy. Also, the organization works to uproot racism, a major cause of poverty. They are committed to treating our clients with the dignity and respect that all people deserve. Volunteers would be helping the organization in their food pantry and clothing.