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Kerrville State Hospital

Mental Health

Kerrville, Tx

Kerrville State Hospital is one of ten mental health facilities in the Texas Department of State Health Services system and provides care for adults with major mental illnesses who need the safety, structure and resources of an inpatient setting. The hospital operates 202 beds for individuals hospitalized on a forensic commitment. Most such commitments are issued when individuals are charged with a crime and they have been determined to be not competent to stand trial. Hospital programs are designed to help such individuals attain competency if possible by treating their mental illness. Care is also provided for individuals who have been judged to be Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity with the goal of treating their mental illnesses so that they may be safely returned to the community.

Alzheimer's Day Services

Mental Health and AGING

Memphis, TN

The mission of Alzheimer’s Day Services of Memphis is to help persons with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders live their lives with dignity and respect while providing relief to their caregivers and support for their families. As companions for our “Friends”, the volunteers will be assisting with the therapeutic and interactive activities throughout the day.

Mid-South Peace and Justice Center

Social Justice

Memphis, Tn

The Mid-South Peace and Justice Center is devoted to bringing awareness to a variety of social justice issues that are prevelant in the city of Memphis. By educating and training citizens to engage and mobilize in nonviolent action, Mid-South believes the injustices the city faces can start the conversation to promote change and better the community. Volunteers working at the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center will help in preparing for the Center's Anniversery Event.


Women's Rights

PittsBurgh, PA

Gwen's Girls mission is to empower girls and young women with holistic gender-specific programs, education, and experiences. Their ultimate goal is to provide these resources for girls to become self sufficent women later in life. Volunteers can expect to be working in an after school care program that provides various activities for the girls.


Animal rights / environmentalism

Westcliffe, CO

Mission:Wolf is dedicated to providing a sanctuary for rescued wolves and horses while encouraging earth stewardship through interactive experiences with animals and nature. We believe that wolves are not meant to live in cages and that wildness should be valued and respected. Volunteers will be doing maintence projects around the site as well as helping with the care of the wolves.


Nature and youth Wellness

Teec Nos Pos, AZ

The mission of NavajoYES is to promote community wellness, lifelong fitness and youth empowerment in communities across Dine' Bikeyah. Since their inception in Shonto in 1994, NavajoYES has been involved in offering positive programs and activities for youth and communities. They have led over 250 wilderness outings for youth, organized the Tour de Rez, Chuska Challenge and, since 2011, the Shiprock Marathon and established the Navajo Parks Race Series in 2015. Their community service initiatives have led to the creation of many miles of trails across the reservation, and they now serve in an oversight capacity, promoting the developments of trails across the Nation. Their community outreach and education efforts reach thousands of youth and families every year.

City of Light

Community development

Atlanta, GA

City of Light, First MCC & Crossroads Community Center is a progressive community of faith which holds these core values: compassion in action for a world in need, inclusion that calls us to create a world that works for and welcomes everyone, empowering one another to discover our best in relationship with God. Volunteers will participate in ongoing community support and development programs which seek to further the betterment of Atlanta, such as: clothing and food distribution, meals for the hungry, inclusive support groups, and more.

Fairness Campaign


Louisville, KY

The Fairness Campaign seeks to dismantle oppression and build an inclusive community where all individuals are valued and empowered to reach their full potential. We are a broad, diverse community of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people and allies committed to transforming society and building a more just world. [Our] primary goal is comprehensive civil rights legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Fairness Campaign accomplishes its goals through public education and advocacy, political activity, community building and reciprocal alliances with others in the social justice community. Volunteers will engage in day-to-day operations, specific projects, and community outreach/events.


Caritas of Austin


austin, tx

Caritas of Austin provides a service continuum for those experiencing poverty that begins with a safety net and links them to resources to achieve self-sufficiency. We envision a community where there is respect for all individuals, hope for those experiencing poverty and opportunities for self-reliance. Volunteers can expect to be working in the Caritas of Austin Kitchen to serve and prepare meals for the community as well as maintenence around the building.

St. Bernard Project



St. Bernard Project's (SBP) mission is to shrink the time between disaster and full recovery by ensuring that disaster-impacted citizens and communities receive support in a prompt, efficient and predictable manner. Volunteers working with SBP can expect to engage in a variety of activities that involve clean up efforts and taking part in the reconstruction of homes in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina as well as the flooding that has occured in recent weeks.